Introduction to BorderWait

Crossing Sign   BorderWait is a new service developed by NetAlerts enabling US/Canadian border crossing wait times to be embedded in a website. The wait times are updated hourly and are available for 22 crossings along the US/Canadian border. Websites can choose from multiple page formats and multiple border crossings. If you host a website with a nearby border crossing, the BorderWait service can be added to your site for very little cost, enhancing the information you provide to your visitors.

Using BorderWait

  For new users of the BorderWait service we offer a free 1 month trial of the service, contact us to sign up. Embedding the BorderWait service in your website is simple. Either use an iframe with HTML 4 or object element with XHTML to create a "web widget". Here is a live example of an embedded banner page.

Border Crossing Wait Times

Wait Times Data

  The BorderWait service uses the wait times information provided by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) © All rights reserved CBSA. Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2008. The CBSA is not affiliated with, nor endorses the BorderWait service.

  The border crossing wait times are updated hourly and are estimated values only. There are three indicator levels: Green is a normal wait time, Yellow is a warning about wait times (1 hour or more for Cars, 1 1/2 hours or more for Trucks), and Red means the border crossing is closed. Also if Trucks are waiting for more than 2 hours a Truck Backup Alert also appears.